About YAS


Y Arch S is an architectural design blog founded by Elias El Soueidi offering an online platform for debate and exchanging ideas.

Elias El Soueidi studied architecture between Beirut and Paris. Following his passion in architecture and design, Elias simulates different iterations of living spaces and interventions covering different categories, expressing an opinion and building a point of view.

His final year project dealt with construction, destruction and reconstruction in Beirut. The Holiday Inn, a ruined massive hotel was the site, absorbing what Beirut’s urban fabric had developed.

The magic of ruins persists, a near mystical fascination with sites seemingly charged with the aura of past events, as if the molecules of the sites still vibrated with the memory of their history” – James Young, The Texture of Memory.

Elias is currently collaborating with Bernard Khoury/DW5 Architects in Beirut and has been selected to participate in international workshops, taking part in exploring innovative techniques in material systems and technology.

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